Woe, Is Me - F.Y.I. Lyrics

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Woe, Is Me Lyrics

F.Y.I. Lyrics

With the devil on my back
And God in my heart
I used the hands that built you up
To f*cking rip you apart

You turned their whole world upside down
And filled heads with doubt
But there's just one small thing you forgot about
That on the other side of heaven
There's always a hell
And that's one f*cking place I know all too well

So I'll pick up a pen
And from beginning to end
I'll write the three words we will defend:
Follow your dreams

Don't give in
To all the lies that they fed you
And everything they said about me
Just to deceive you
So let me ask you
Why would I give a f*ck?

So sit back, enjoy the show
There's just a few things I think you should know
Like how your sticks and stones
Won't break these bones
Or seize the throne
Because I'm the man of steel

So before you place the blame on anyone else
Why don't you take a step back and f*cking start with yourself?
We never gave up
We never gave in
We never gave up on you
So don't give up on me!

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