Wish For Wings - Hang 'Em High Lyrics

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Wish For Wings Lyrics

Hang 'Em High Lyrics

You scream you cry no one hears you no one sees you
You're all alone at night; you're all alone in this life on one's self
All alone taking to myself wondering what comes next
I'm wondering why walking alone
I'll say goodbye to you and all I've ever known
I'm not afraid to die I'm not afraid to live
In this life I've lived more than once
Time will tell if I'll live again
So many nights for so many years I've thought about it now
What comes next for me?
Death in life of life in death
I can't think I'm losing my mind losing the fight
Growing up I'd never thought I'd turn out like this
Faking a smile falling to pieces turning on myself again
Do you know what comes next? Controlled since birth
Told how to live life
Told how to survive
With the stalker within

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