Wish For Wings - Face The Jury Lyrics

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Wish For Wings Lyrics

Face The Jury Lyrics

You say that you've been judged,
Your not judged until you face the jury.
They'll judge you stand tall,
Straight edge ain't no game,
We'll stand tall until.
Straight edge it's my life
I'll stand tall till the end.
I won't back down and leave this place,
Skipping town with another face,
On a broken line with a broken heart.
A promise kept right from the start.
A time to tell and a time to die
With a gun to kill and a deadly smile
I'll leave this note for you to read.
With a thousand deaths as thin pencil fucking bleeds.
I'll never back down,
I've seen the toughest of them fall
I feel there words driving in like nails to be,
Come on you cant give up on this promise made,
Made to yourself straight fucking edge.

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