Wish For Wings - Best Three Out Of Five Lyrics

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Wish For Wings Lyrics

Best Three Out Of Five Lyrics

Time running out I've wasted time again
Life comes and goes chances falling thin
Whatever's on my mind can't control
Can't control my thoughts racing through this life
I hear it every day it's never going to end
I never want to try never be the same you know
Know your going to die
But you cease to deny the same old excess I'm sick of the lies
I've seen it all before your fucking life's a bore yet still you won't withdraw
But nothing's going to change this feeling
I've heard it all before and I'll hear it again and again and again
Times against me now and I'm starting to dwell
Cause I've spent my time in hell
Something's on your mind all the time do you wonder why
It's almost at an end will you live to make emends
You fucking hate me now do you, do I care?
Not at all ten out of ten for your fucking judgement
Get Grim Mother Fucker
Something's got to give

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