Whitechapel - Fairy Fay Lyrics

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Whitechapel Lyrics

Fairy Fay Lyrics

As I hack your lifeless corpse with my chainsaw
My heart beats faster every swing I flay
While smiling at your face
Donít fuck up the process. It wonít be much longer until you die
Just lat me have my fun and I will let you die in peace
Oh wait. I lied. False hope is my new trend
Disgusting I know but thatís the general idea of me.
Follow me into hell.
Faint footsteps behind you. Run
Iíll find you donít bother hiding
I know when youíre alone I will fulfill myself
Now youíre begging me to let you go
I laugh at such pitiful cries
Sodomizing your orifice
Now you crawl away
Worthless. Wretched. Foul slut
Open throat profuse bleeding
Screaming doesnít help you now just give into my will again
Dry your pitiful eyes and wipe the phlegm that Iíve been hocking in your face
This confidential lick of my tongue will be taken to the grave and never be seen again
Looking up from hell you weep
Your sins have overcome your faith
I canít wait to have a taste a year from now Iíll have my feast

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