Whitechapel - Alone In The Morgue Lyrics

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Whitechapel Lyrics

Alone In The Morgue Lyrics

As your system contracts. I知 waiting at the end with open mouth
My eagerness can稚 hold itself my nerves are jolting
I知 on my knees waiting for something to give
Cauterized. The sweat is quenching every feeling in my mind
Dark morgues my home. I値l prowl in the nightfall. They want me to succumb
Isolated murder. No one can hear your screams. Your agony is bliss
Pure virgin held down. Trust me. I値l give you everything. Trust me
The hysterectomy is splattered on my face next stay ostectomy I知 going weak
I値l leave you gutted for authorities to find. Nowhere to be found
My instincts are in vain.

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