White Boys - You Can't Stop Us Now Lyrics

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White Boys Lyrics

You Can't Stop Us Now Lyrics

Last time around we left you guessin
Sit down, learn your lesson, boy
We're back, can't you see?
Maybe you're b-l-i-n-d
Or so the story goes
From my mind the rhyme flows like a domino
Fallin one by one like the sun goin down
But we're still around town
We're here to stay, we didn't come to play
Cause that's not our way
Okay? Is it clear to your ear?
The fear you felt
The last time I dealt
My rhymes at the top of my lungs
Rung by rung we climb till we get some
And now we got it, we're takin a vow
Let it be known: you can't sotp us now

You can't stop us now (2X)

A stab in the dark, a shield from the light
Master of them all, the knowledge of light
Leader of the land, the savior of the sea
You think of these things when you think of me
M.J., the ruler, sucker duck schooler
Diamond back ( ? ) five finger fooler
Destructor, from our plan
If I can't do it, nobody can
My man, cause I stand all alone
I took the throne with my microphone
And when everybody ( ? ) I lose it, my friend
I turned around and I did it all again
So you know where you can go
I come across as the boss cause I'm runnin the show
So step back as I take my bow
Witness the truth: you can't stop us now

You can't stop us now

Are they crazy? They question me
That's somethin I can't believe
Exact, yeah, that's my name
( ? ) cause this ain't no game
I'm playin, the rhymes I'm sayin
I'm the butcher, let the slayin
Begin because the end is near
I know you can see, but can't you hear
What's goin on
Listen to my beat, listen to my tone
I'm mad, so I'm takin over
I'm puttin you in the dog house, like Rover
The pet, you can bet
It's as good as good can get
So leave the stage and enter the crowd
It's written in blood: you can't stop us now

You can't stop us now (5X)

( *scratching of* )
(Ain't no stopping us now)

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