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Whiskey Myers Lyrics

Strange Dreams Lyrics

Hey pretty baby on a south bound train
Step close to the fire let me feel that flame
Don't speak no lies through that crystal ball
Show me the world and I'll take it all
Morning sun gives toast to the moon
As we float by on a red balloon
A voodoo woman said I'd go far
Slap me in the face and kicked me out of her car
You wanna be a star you got it
Oh don't you know you got it
Thats what she said
But even those stars they shine so brightly just to fall
So I wrap myself up in another song
I'm gonna write it all down and sing it all wrong
Walkinstick walkinstick walkinstick man
walk on by just as far as you can
Its so hard to be poor these days
I watch it all collapse through a midnight haze
Hey copper man with your slick black hat
Throw me to the curb show me where its at
Don't cut your eyes just throw the cuffs on me
But you're the only one here that wants to be like me
You wanna be a star you got it
Oh but you'll never have it
I keep giving that all I got till theres nothing left
I spend my time on everybody else so I think its about time
I started helping myself
Three black birds on a power line
Lighting strikes baby just in time
One went to heaven and one went to hell
And the other is with me in the county jail
Used to know a man speak words through rhyme
Even do a dance for a shiny dime
Its been so long I wonder where he went
The last thing she said he was the president
Blackberry deluxe the only one that I trust
She the one that takes it all on me
Throw me through this place darling show me some space
Just the one to take it all on me
Strange dreams, strange dreams

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