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Shellshocked Lyrics

We hared the blare to fight again
Loading the guns for the ultimate destruction
Millions around are gone they're dead
About to break the front line again
Their troops are near I sense they come
I feel their fear it smells like mine
We' ll disappear like rats again
The second front, oppose and die
Back to no man's land
Kill the bastard's son
Poisoned by the gas
Better them than us
I rule the ground I don't belong
Among carnal reasons
Beyond all I'm in control
I command men which are long gone
I'm shell shocked
Nobody wants to die in vain
Bound to survive nothing to gain
With self conceit the pure we kill
We're primitive with dark desires
Nothing to see beyond the line
No one out there to complete my crime
Have no respect for my believes
Last night they even killed the priest
Nobody cared for us
Disposable but honored
Our cry for help has died
We die in land we borrowed
Supplies are long time gone
Whose god has gone so wild?
I have become a bait
Becoming who I hate

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