Slowmotion Apocalypse - The Way You Want To Die Lyrics

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Slowmotion Apocalypse Lyrics

The Way You Want To Die Lyrics

Thatís what you long for but cannot buy
Cursed inside your life
Normality makes you believe you are part of
The finest selection of the human race
Itís only business
And soon you will realize youíre dead

This is the way you want to die

They will provide you with a loaded gun
And you will always think youíre free to aim it
At whatever you like
Just pull the trigger and win

But you are the target
And they will not fail
You are just another face
You are already dead
Itís a downward trip towards implosion
Is it too late for a change?
Too late to know where you are
Too late to know who you are
Failure is your guide

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