Slowmotion Apocalypse - Portrait Of A Lie Lyrics

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Slowmotion Apocalypse Lyrics

Portrait Of A Lie Lyrics

Rivers of blood
And tears will feed your fears
No matter how long it takes
I will break every one standing in my way
I will show no mercy
If you spit on the way I am
If you dare you will pay
With your life

íCause of the passion I feel
I canít forgive your betrayal
You donít have the right to shut
My voice in the name of your truth

The time when I awake
The demons inside my heart
It will hurt like a blade inside your neck
Itís too late to repent
No remorse will stop my hand
I will look in your eyes
Watch you die

Iím the avenger
Hunting you
I raise my metal axe and I
Kill you
This is the end
You canít stab me twice
Iíll cross an ex
On your fucking face
You liked my money
So you shook my hand
No respect
For my esteem
Donít try to tell me
How I should behave
I know what I want
I know my way
Donít push me too far
On my evil side
Careful with what you handle
This is dynamite
Iím sick
Iíve had enough
You eggheads
A pathetic bunch
Stop your claims of dogma
Or just fuck-off and die
Youíre the portrait
Of another lie
Youíre notÖ
Youíre not God
Youíre notÖ
Youíre not a fucking god!
The self-portrait
Of another lie
The self-portrait
Of another lie
I canít forgive yourÖ

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