Shenanigans - With You Lyrics

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Shenanigans Lyrics

With You Lyrics

As I stare into your eyes,
I see my world changing.
If my life was filled with lies,
you would make it all better.
Tell me what you see in life,
we can get away from it all.
As we both start to cry,
I will catch you if you fall.
(La la la)

Give me your hands and I'll sing along with you.
We can stay awake the whole night through.
Don't worry, 'cause I've got you here.
We can run away and disappear.

As we walk along the street,
I can find it all better.
As the shoes slide off our feet,
we can run through the rain together.
Tell me where you want to meet,
we can make this all happen.
Can I pull out your seat,
and wait for time to stop passing.

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