Shenanigans - Pushing Me Away Lyrics

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Shenanigans Lyrics

Pushing Me Away Lyrics

I tried forgetting you,
but no matter what I do
I miss you, I miss you!
I wish you were here.
If you were,
I'd love, I'd love you forever!

Forgetting the past,
is what we're good at,
there's nothing we can't do.
When I see you,
I really need you,
and we can make it through.
Now and than
I'll see you again,
but I can dream of you.
What we need is,
to succeed in,
everything we do.

What you have done
will be the cause of
pushing me away.
See you there
makes me not care
if you decide to stay.
Take the pictures
off the walls
cause I deal with them everyday.
I can't handle
this feeling I get when
you have gone away.

Sometime I can reach into the sky.
Look at you, and see you with those eyes.
Don't let a single tear be shed,
over the last words that we said.
Don't cry.
I tried forgetting you.

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