Shenanigans - Mother Don't Cry Lyrics

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Shenanigans Lyrics

Mother Don't Cry Lyrics

I know you are sitting at your home.
I know that everyone now knows that you're not alone.
You sit there watching time go by like a hurricane.
You hear the sound of snow,
but it's not, it's only rain.
What's wrong?

You stayed up every night, 'cause I was still awake.
You gave me growing lies, which doesn't bring me much pain.
So now I write this song, for everyone going by,
and now I know you're not alone,
now please don't cry.
Mother don't cry.

Maybe life didn't give you everything you need.
You know you have your life and your family.
You might not know this yet, but you'll find out it's true.
I want you to know this though,
that we believe in you.
Believe in you.

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