Shenanigans - Honestly Lyrics

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Shenanigans Lyrics

Honestly Lyrics

When I'm with you,
I can get through anything at all.
The sun can go black,
the earth can spin back,
every star can fall.
As long as you're right here to wipe all my tears,
nothing can be wrong.
On our last day,
just say that you'll stay,
I'll sing you one last song.

And it will be the song of all our memories.
About the first time that you talked to me.
The way your hair blew through the breeze,
and how you bring me to my knees,
and all the things we used to do,
together here,
just us two,
and how I feel like such a fool,
but honestly I'd say I love you.
"I love you."

Before I sleep,
the text I read,
is the one that says "Goodnight".
I know I might not have your heart,
but "I love you" feels so right.
You say that we're friends,
but when does that end?
I need to hear you say,
that "He is not it" and you can forget,
and make him go away.

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