Shady Boy - The Truth Hurts Lyrics

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Shady Boy Lyrics

The Truth Hurts Lyrics

It took loosing my closest from aids to overdoses valasos?, homes never knew that I chose this I learned the hard way who my friends and my foes is the reason why I know this is to many funeral roses, I seen the teary eyed mother and my neighborhood brother, all we gave them was a car wash then we jumped in another, we retaliated a chores and talked about them for the weekend but right here feelings are a weakness so we resort to tweaking, see you don't see the reality cause all you got was a peak in, so you think my bario possesses the love that you seeking, man my homies don't care about you they don't make you a man you'll die alone on a murderess land. Honestly I ain't never met a homie that I can look up to that made something with their life with no intentions to corrupt you, they took me under their wing and talked about family and culture said they'd watch over me like a brother but really watched over me like a vulture you wouldn't believe the lies they fed to me now my life is dead to me cause I seen the lies I want meant to see, I proved my work in felonies, I burnt every strap they lent to me and I still got hated on for rapping when it was just a vent to me, My pain meant nothing to you so likewise nothings what it's meant to me, now nothings what it's said to be so I'm drowning in this hennessey, I found myself lost I'm stuck in the streets I'm in to see, I ain't got nothing to live for so I'm smoking methamphetamine, if you got nothing to live for find something to die for everybody left me now I got nothing to cry for, so pay attention little homies cause this life you will regret understand that what you see ain't always what you get, my eyes are oped wide but just as blind as the facts you think it's about low riders and hynas or drugs and satraps, you think it's about being on cloud nine with money on your mind, you heard my hood will make you famous that a motherfucking lie, I can't call my self a man if I let you walk blinded so I'm a open up your eyes cause it was too late when mine did, my homies gonna hate me for this cause they see you as a solider, you aren't supposed to know this until your life is about over, man my liefs already over and my heart can't get any colder, cause my mom abandoned my so there ain't shit that I owe her, my fast life soon shattered and everyday it gets sadder, but I can't cry cause it's a weakness when a gangsters tears splatter, when my mom died that's when I learned that crying was weak cause I cried until the homes socked the tear of my cheek, you think my life is lavage? My life left me stuck I'm living like a savage and nobody gives a fuck, it gets cold when your lonely so the heat I pack does it's best it's bad enough their ain't no jackets in my bario rocking vest, every man for himself they'll leave you in the worst of health it's too late to live your life I'm just a stripe on someones belt, I wanna see you life your life It's too late for me my family turned they're back my mom couldn't wait for me, she died only 4 months before my three years was finished, I used to feel love but now my love is diminished, I berried it with her and dissed all my brothers and sisters, honestly I don't miss her she left me fuck her I'll dis he, r it ain't my fault she died but my reputation is a virtue, and if you don't love nobody then nobody can hurt you, so I don't show no love cause love will get you killed, even homie loves a lie dog I'm only being real, I did time in a cell for my gang life, did I get one visit? All I got was hang tight, shady wanna be shady wanna be a thug, my whole life I never knew what a healthy mom was she was always smack back, she got aids when I was four fifteen years later she ain't here no more, I was born into this life my child hood was off the hinges, I never played with toys I was playing with syringes, I wasn't born with a silver spoon the one I had had a stain, it was black from the tar my heffa stuck in her vain, it pours when it rains palabra that's real, before my dad died he said mijo killer be killed, I ain't even had a choice I was jumped into this gang, where you better be strong cause the week can't hang, my little homies wanna bang but they won't comprehend till their at a car wash at the boys club for a fallen friend, I ain't got no regrets I love my neighborhood but I'd bring back so many of my homies if I could tell me why you wanna bang do you wanna die incarcerated feeling guilty for your mothers teary eyes? yeah I got no regrets but learn from my mistakes, cause just about every other Sunday came another homeboys wake, so do as I say not as I do, I wouldn't lead you my way if my way wasn't cool, I ain't got no ambition and I can't follow my dreams, cause all I got are nightmares and my victim screams, it is what it is those lies are more than stripes now I'm stuck on rock bottom above a liter I twist a pipe, my only was to cope is my drug dependency so I'm always smoking dope for homicidal tendency case the truth hurts.

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