Pulling Teeth - The New Dark Ages Lyrics

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Pulling Teeth Lyrics

The New Dark Ages Lyrics

it's days like this that make me think that the sun will never shine again no signs of hope that greed and deceit won't ever be part of the master plan they give us two choices and tell us it's freedom but my beliefs aren't represented and those with a choice choose not to partake, new plans must be implemented myths have a place in guiding our laws, our leaders are speaking in tongues our neighbors flick needles to deal with their feelings while violence consumes our young wars are still fought over the same false gods and still no one sees the truth cuz nice pleasant stories of life in the clouds are better than seeking the proof we inhale the vapors and we eat the cancers while disease it steals our breath solutions are offered but we can't be bothered, give us convenience or death welcome to the new dark age

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