Pulling Teeth - Funerary Lyrics

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Pulling Teeth Lyrics

Funerary Lyrics

close your eyes, consumed with oblivion the night has torn us apart how can we imagine that we can survive? close your eyes, dream sleep the black sleep last sunset pays final debt never to rise again never close your eyes the blood has been drained night has swallowed us home fire in it's own broken wisdom betrays the loss of abomination cursing the destruction of the ambivalent crucifixion, we rise in disguise a bastardized expression of guilt reach out and touch all things we want to corrupt live on, watch it all die because death is how we survive close your eyes a final breath, and then it's done follow the trail of the setting sun cold nights and last rites sleep forever as they dim the lights rest in peace or so they say without the torment of another day your final goodbyes close your eyes

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