The Promise Ring - Wake Up April Lyrics

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The Promise Ring Lyrics

Wake Up April Lyrics

Wake up April it'll be summer soon
And you'll be sipping your morning coffee in the afternoon
You're walking slowly because there's nowhere to go
But your heart keeps beating so so so
Everyone in the neighborhood
Wishes you well as much as any person could
It's a friendly forever in a forgotten now
So when we don't remember we won't know how
Wake up April it?s been one cruel year
And we all feel better knowing that you're back here
You wouldn't believe it so I might as well lie
But I almost had to say goodbye

Wake up America now they're setting me free
I've been the next big thing since I can remember me
But I'd take the light air of permanent care
Before perfect hair and heavy stares

There's a break in the choir double wide
We slipped outside
Now out the back door two wide

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