Project Pat - Ass Clap (Remix) Lyrics

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Project Pat Lyrics

Ass Clap (Remix) Lyrics

[Hook x2]
Make that ass clap make it snap (Talk to me now)
Make that ass smack when I slap (Talk to me now)
If you is the baddest, booty the phatest
Let me hear you holla out I yi yi

[Verse 1: Project Pat]
It's ya boy P-A-Tzah, knowin' how to please her
Hit from the back cause these gals off the heeza
Bend over I'm strokin' yo butt needs a pokin'
The hydro is smokin' there's nut in ya throatin'
Yo booty is floatin' all round the rooma
My thang full of gin so dat puddy is dooma
Assume the position, mug in the pillow
Hand on the head bow best not to let go
Ya hand may end up slippin head gets a crackin'
I'm all on dat clit and back gets a smackin'
A doggin' a slappin' my thang in yo stomach
No food before we drank so you's bout to vomit
You swear you can take it so baby don't fake it
Let's go get a room get high and get naked
You say that you real and you claimin' the hoody
The rubber to thang and my thang in yo puddy

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Juvenile]
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
This nigga be bow-legged and gobby
Attitude fucked up cause that hand on my garment
Poppin' necks, grabbin' hoes chest
Tryin' to get under they dress
Hope they don't holler rape and have me in co-nnects
Whodi I don't need no more debt
I'ma have talk to these hoes
I ain't stupid I'm from the pro-jects
And we don't need nothin' we know sex
If a bitch think I'm workin' this son, pussy get more wet
So let's get it crack-a-ling time
I got that cake man
So lil' mama be shakin'
Tell ya girl to shut up, you ain't hearin' nathin'
Bitch she goin' with Juvenile so quit all that hatin'
This motherfuckin' club already hot
Police been towin' niggas shit for double parking in spots
I'm tryin' to have a private party or something ya know
My dick got hard when ya was shakin' that ass ya know

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Project Pat]
Its gold mouth stackin' dollars
Where yo sister at cause she swallers
Big juicy fat I must hollers
See you in yo pants I may follers
Wearin' tight clothes make y'all scholars
Freaky young broads that love ballers
Hesitate to talk nigga stallers
You can let the steam out yo collars
Love gettin stuck on four hours
Jacuzzie, living room, showers
Nipples on hard some big knockers
Eyes got bigger than BluBlockers
Coochie real tight like school lockers
Treat a lame dude like a true sucka
Most gonna pay cause they love her
Dog anyway I will knock her

[Hook x2]

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