Priscilla Renea - I Fell In Love Lyrics

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Priscilla Renea Lyrics

I Fell In Love Lyrics

I fell in love with your good in love with your bad in love with your everything in love with you in love with your happy and with your sad in love with the little things in love with you in love with tomorrow because I know I'll wake up lying next to you... ohhh you I fell in love with you

[Verse 1:]
I believed in you and me sometimes we disagree but like my heart you never skipped a beat the ying to my yang the vera to my wang so crazy in love like Beyonce uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no perfect as a picture contigo cause I'm with you for life that's what I promised you years ago look at us now we're still holding on

Is it really real could it be am I dreaming got someone who loves me back pinch me I must be sleepin' you can call it love true love and your my first I'm here for better or worse


[Verse 2:]
Oh baby boy you are like a classic car they don't make em like you anymore sometimes you be trippin' I love to travel so I pack my bags and trip with you what we got is so deep I can drown in the flow though we ain't settled down boy with you I'm home and there's no place like it so I don't try to fight ohhhh noooooo



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