Pistol Grip - The Scoundrels Lyrics

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Pistol Grip Lyrics

The Scoundrels Lyrics

We are the rascals that fuck up your place
We'll leave a mess and feel no disgrace
The party is gonna end because of us
We'll keep drinking after we had enough

We're the scoundrels that will steal your shit
Fuck you over and laugh about it

Let us in your house is your first mistake
You don't know the problems we'll create
We'll brake your china and fight your dog
Steal your alcohol and give you none
Got no friends cause we don't fit it
You're just mad cause we stole your gin
"They're just bastards and a bunch of drunks,
kleptomaniacs, and fucking punx"

Nobody like us cause we are jerks
Got no money cause we don't work
What's mine is mine and what's yours ain't yours
Love to cause trouble when we are bored

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