Pink Razors - Totally Nautical, Dude Lyrics

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Pink Razors Lyrics

Totally Nautical, Dude Lyrics

I saw the most ironic thing the day I walked
through that door. They patted me down, they
pulled my pockets inside out--all I could do
was laugh as I thought to myself I must be
Rip Van Winkle because how the fuck did this
happen? I witnessed some fights in my younger
days and I'll never forget their faces--the
people I saw punched and kicked in the
head, Thugs are running the clubs at night
and I'll never forget their faces as I make
sure to tell them: Thanks for ruining those
younger days. Here's eight bucks for your
trouble, please appreciate the irony as you
go through my pockets. I'm getting used to
it because this makes perfect sense and the
only thing that's strange is nothing fucking
changes. Let me be security and I'll tell
you who is dangerous.

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