Pennywise - Who's To Blame Lyrics

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Pennywise Lyrics

Who's To Blame Lyrics

One day you'll have to ask yourself
Am I doing what I want for someone else
From that day forward you'll find that living
You're better off when you answer to yourself
And when its time to take a stance
Tune them out inside your brain
Everyone will tell you lies
They'll cheat then laugh at your demise
Tell me who's to blame
Some day when you look back and you take time
In the past was I doing all I really could
That one step forward a better life wasn't all that hard
Now that you're living like you should
I am a firm believer
Sovereign minded high achiever
Solid in my sense of worth and goals
Philosophies are meant to trick you
Missionaries out to get you
Hell is full of cons and suckered souls

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