Pennywise - Badge Of Pride Lyrics

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Pennywise Lyrics

Badge Of Pride Lyrics

All the bullshit that I see
So much I can't believe
Grown man just tryin' to be true to myself impossibly
I may not ever get rich
Might wind up diggin' a ditch
I won't cry, no, I won't bitch
I won't back down and
I'll never quit!

It is my badge of pride
-hardcore 'til the day I die
Just tryin' to survive
I won't back down or apologize
Say what you wanna say
I'm not listening anyway
I'll believe what I wanna believe
True to myself
That's how it's gotta be.

All the methods that I use
All the things I use and abuse
It all leaves me confused
I've beer torn up, beat down and bruised
But somehow I was saved
And I'm standing here today
Now I do things my own way
Cause I'm never going back again!

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