Patty Smith - One Voice Lyrics

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Patty Smith Lyrics

One Voice Lyrics

You say heyThe state of the union
Is fine fine fineI got the feeling that you're lyingLying lying lying
I think we needThink we're gonna needA new party

They say to meThey say what's the word
I say it's thunderbirdI say it's thunderbird
Why don't you
Fly fly flyFly away hey
And while you're at itWhy don't you
Fertilize my lawn
Why don't youFertilize my lawn
With what's running from your mouth
Running from your mouth
Hey listen here

We got to get offOur ass or get burned
The world's troubles
Are a global concern
Does your child haveFresh water to drink
Wherever you are
Wherever you are you're invited
To think about this

When in the courseOf human eventsIt becomes necessaryTo take things into your own hands
To take the water from the wellAnd declare it tainted by greedWe got to surely clean it up
Clean our house
Our inner house
Our outer houseLeft right
And hey by the wayThe human eventIs the party of the century
And you're all invitedIt's where you areWherever you are'Cause this party
Is for everyone
And the price of admission
Is love one another
Love brother

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