Paris Bennett - Daddy Lyrics

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Paris Bennett Lyrics

Daddy Lyrics

Ever Since I Was A Little Girl I Wanted To Do More Than Diamonds And Even Pearls One Man That I Can Count On In All The World No Matter What Goes Down He's There For Me. Someone I Can Cling To I Never Seen You Mommy Says Dont Get Your Hopes Up But I Need You Now Im In My Teens Maybe I Think Mommy Was Right Was It All Just A Pipe Dream. Why Am I Still Hopein And Im Still Wishin Why Am I So Open I Should Foret Him. Why Is It Affectin Me I Dont Respect Men Becuase Of Him Will I Ever Love Again? Was It Just To Much To Ask To Just A Man To Take Care Of What He Says He Loves Was I Askin For Much?


When I Told You I-I-I Wanted 2 Just Be Close To You I-I-I Wanted To Have The Kind Of Relationship A Girl Dreams Of Just Tell Was I Askin For A Little To Much. When I Told U I-I-I Wanted To Let You Hold Me I-I-I Wanted To Be A Baby Was It So Crazy To Want That Did I Screw Up Askin Just To Want A Daddy Da-Da-Da Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Da-Da-Da Daddy Da- Daddy Daddy Da-Da-Da Daddy

What I Wasnt Cute Enough Was It My Cryin Was It The Way I Laughed Was It The Timein Did It Cost To Much For The Diapers And Formula To Be There For Me? What Made You Reject Me? And Stop Tryin How Could You Forget Me? Tell Me What I Did To Never Go For Icecream Or Have You Pushin My Swing Now Im Grown And Your Still Not There For Me Was It Just To Much To Asked For Much?


In Spite Of The Pain I Felt Just Cant Blame Myself It Was A Choice U Had To Be Enough To A Daddy. I Forgive U. Your For Given.

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