Kelly Clarkson - Tie It Up Lyrics

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Kelly Clarkson Lyrics

Tie It Up Lyrics

I was standiní with my friend
When I saw you walkiní in
And my heart started skippiní a beat
I was tryiní to play it cool
But I knew it was true
That nobody would ever compete

Well first comes love and then comes
First date first kiss
We were checking off the list
Then you were gettiní down on your knee
And you didnít have to guess
It was a always a yes
Now thereís two less fish in the sea

Letís set the date
Letís hire a band
Letís cut the cake
Tie up the cans
I love the ring of your name
Youíre the ying to my yang
Oh baby letís give it a shot
Every wall needs a frame
Every ball needs a chain
Iím talkiní about tying the knot
Tie it up

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And the chairs lined up in the yard
The I doís and the kisses
From a miss to a misses
Canít wait for forever to start

Tie it up
Invite the town
Raise a glass and lock it down
Tie it up
Forever bound
'Cause Iím fit to be tied down, yeah

When mamaís kicking off her shoes
And daddyís spinniní from the booze
And the last song's finally sung
We can run to the room
Kickstart the honeymoon
Donít it sound like a whole lotta fun?

(Repeat Chorus)

Tie it up
Tie it up

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