Jeffries Fan Club - Nothing To Prove Lyrics

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Jeffries Fan Club Lyrics

Nothing To Prove Lyrics

When all my hope is gone and all my dreams are too
What am I gonna say when I'm face to face with you
I gotta tell you how it is but your educated mind won't hear
You're so quick to talk but short to listen
I gotta make it clear
I got nothing to say
I got nothing to prove
I'd rather throw it away than give it all to you
I know who you are but I'm not too impressed
Sometimes you go too far and I think just like the rest
Don't push me too far
I might get carried away
Don't push me too far today
When we first came you acted like you were too good
You couldn't make us feel at home
We had to do it by ourselves like I knew we could
We had to do it all on our own

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