30 Foot Fall - Out Of Breath Lyrics

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30 Foot Fall Lyrics

Out Of Breath Lyrics

the more I shut it out the harder it comes back
I'm sick and tired of always feeling under attack
and I don't know about you but I don't care about you
and I just can't live like this anymore
just the thought of it puts more weight on my chest
I try to sleep but I have no success
I've already died 1000 deaths
and I'm running out of breath
and I can't live like this anymore
can you take a hint? is there anybody listening?
I don't know who will be more sorry, me or you?
try not to blame yourself
I tried to listen to my old records today
I just couldn't make them sound the same
all meaning is lost in a haze of personal politics
and heartbreak by association
so many times I've come close to the end
now you send your love. I have nothing to send
I won't play this confusing game anymore!
this time I'm closing the door can you take a hint?

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