Linda Eder - A Woman In His Arms Lyrics

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Linda Eder Lyrics

A Woman In His Arms Lyrics

A fallen tear, a blush of fear
A wave of fresh desire
Bewildered by this man that I adore
Is love this strange? Do people change?
No, nothing moves that fast
Tomorrow I'll be who I was before

But I'm a woman in his arms
I am nothing but a woman when I'm in his arms
With his hands he's drawing out the doubts I hide
He touches me and finds a beauty lost inside

I've never felt my skin so bare
Never known a stroke so silken in my hair
Now it's raining and he murmurs through my skin
Words I cannot hear and still I drink them in
God, I drink him in

And there he is, this man lies sleeping
All his power loosened and he's breathing hushed and mild
He doesn't know I lie here
Wishing I had never met him, he keeps sleeping like a child
And I could still be strong enough to turn away
But if I stay what will I be?

I'll be a woman walking through his door
A woman taken in his arms and wanting more
Growing dizzy in the dark behind my eyes
The heart does what it must I cannot fight this man
Who makes me realize I'm just a woman who dies in his arms

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