Lfo - Cross My Heart Lyrics

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Lfo Lyrics

Cross My Heart Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Everybody makes mistakes,I told you I was sorry.
won't you tell me what to do,to make
your sad eyes believe,girl,no matter what it takes
I swear I will make it better,cause i'm not so used
to wearin',my heart out on my sleeve.


Cross my heart,I swear,I'm gonna make this right
Please don't leave me standing here
I'll make all your darkness disappear,
Cross my heart,This time,Girl I'll be loving you
forever,When I need to say a prayer,I'll call your name
On my heart I swear,I swear

[Verse 2]

Do you remember yesterday??You promised me tomorrow.
How we held each other,The way you kissed me,
Don't throw it all away.
cause Girl we got so much to lose.Can't we
just tear out these pages???
Give me one more chance,I'm begging you,
But baby please don't go

[repeat Chorus]


Cross my heart,Oh,Yeah I'm trying to turn
this love around,You keep the sky from falling
down,I'm on my knees......

[Repeat Chorus]

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