Lament - Absolute Predominance Lyrics

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Lament Lyrics

Absolute Predominance Lyrics

Save me, oh God, for the waters have come up
To my neck, I sink in the depth where there is
No foothold, I have come into the deep waters
The floods engulf me, those who hate me
Without reason, outnumber the hairs of my head
All my bones are out of joint
My heart has turned to wax
It has melted away within me
Darkness is all around me
Because of the errors of my ways in the past
I regret not believing in You
I always thought I was right
When my own thoughts took me away from You
There is a void in me nothing can fill
Problems, pain, loneliness invade my mind
My friends and family have forgotten me
My life isn't important to anybody
Only You Lord Jesus gave me strength to go on
You filled the void and heard my cry
Now I don't look back, I only see You
My God

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