Twin Atlantic Lyrics

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Twin Atlantic Lyrics

From the Album Free (2011)
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Edit Me Lyrics
Time For You To Stand Up Lyrics
Apocalyptic Renegade Lyrics
Yes, I Was Drunk Lyrics
Dreamember Lyrics
Free Lyrics
Crash Land Lyrics
Make A Beast Of Myself Lyrics
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Serious Underground Dance Vibes [Instrumental]
Eight Days Lyrics
Wonder Sleeps Here Lyrics
We Want Better, Man Lyrics

From the Album Vivarium (2009)
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Old Grey Face (And The Way Of The Magenta) Lyrics
You're Turning Into John Wayne Lyrics
Caribbean War Syndrome Lyrics
What Is Light? Where Is Laughter? Lyrics
Human After All Lyrics
Audience And Audio Lyrics
Better Weather Lyrics

From the Album A Guidance From Colour (2008)
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Audience And Audio Lyrics
I Cave In.... Lyrics
Time Is The Enemy Lyrics
A Guidance From Colour Lyrics

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