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Ruben Studdard Lyrics

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From the Album Unconditional Love (2014)
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The Nearness Of You
Close The Door
Love, Look What You've Done To Me
I Can't Make You Love Me
Hello Again
Love, Love, Love
They Long To Be (Close To You)
If This World Were Mine
My Love
Meant To Be

From the Album Letters From Birmingham (2012)
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Wear Me
Pure Imagination
Rock Witcha
June 28th (I'm Single)

From the Album Love Is (2009)
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More Than Words
Song For Her
How You Make Me Feel
Don't Make 'em Like U No More
Just Because
My Love Is A Rock
The Long And Winding Road
For The Good Times
We Got Love (That's Enough)
Footprints In The Sand
Celebrate Me Home

From the Album The Return (2006)
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The Return (Of The Velvet Bear)
Change Me
Make Ya Feel Beautiful
Get U Loose
Our Story
One Side
What Tha Business Is
Rather Just Not Know
Ain't No Party
Listen To Ya Heart
I'm Not Happy
To Da Crib
Blow Ya Mind
If Only For One Night

From the Album I Need An Angel (2004)
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I Need An Angel
Center Of My Joy
Goin' Up Yonder
Fix It Jesus
Amazing Grace
Shout To The Lord
Running Back To You
We Have Not Forgotten
I Surrender All
Ain't No Need To Worry
Don't Give Up

From the Album Soulful (2003)
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Sorry 2004
No Ruben
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Take The Shot
What Is Sexy
What If
Can I Get Your Attention
For All We Know
Play Our Song
Don't Quit On Me
After The Candles Burn
Flying Without Wings
We Have Not Forgotten

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Love Him Like I Do
Shining Star
This Christmas

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