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Peter Murphy Lyrics

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From the Album Lion (2014)
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Hang Up
I Am My Own Name
Low Tar Stars
I'm On Your Side
Holy Clown
The Rose
The Ghost Of Shokan Lake

From the Album Ninth (2011)
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Velocity Bird
Seesaw Sway
Peace To Each
I Spit Roses
Never Fall Out
Memory Go
The Prince & Old Lady Shade
Uneven & Brittle
Secret Silk Society
Créme De La Créme

From the Album Unshattered (2004)
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Idle Flow
Kiss Myself
Piece Of You
Face The Moon
Emergency Unit
Thelma Sings To Little Nell
The Weight Of Love
Give What He's Got
Blinded Like Saul
The First Stone
Breaking No One's Heaven

From the Album Dust (2002)
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Things To Remember
Fake Sparkle Or Golden Dust?
No Home Without Its Sire
Just For Love
Girlchild Aglow
Your Face
Jungle Haze
My Last Two Weeks
Subway (Epilogue)

From the Album Cascade (1995)
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Mirror To My Woman's Mind
Gliding Like A Whale
Mercy Rain
I'll Fall With Your Knife
The Scarlet Thing In You
Sails Wave Goodbye
Wild Birds Flock To Me

From the Album Holy Smoke (1992)
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Holy Smoke
Keep Me From Harm
Kill The Hate
You're So Close
The Sweetest Drop
Low Room
Let Me Love You
Our Secret Garden
Dream Gone By
Hit Song
Keep Me From Harm (Reprise)

From the Album Deep (1990)
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Deep Ocean Vast Sea
Crystal Wrists
Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
Seven Veils
The Line Between The Devil's Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)
Cuts You Up
A Strange Kind Of Love
Roll Call

From the Album Love Hysteria (1988)
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Love Hysteria
All Night Long
His Circle And Hers Meet
Dragnet Drag
Socrates The Python
Indigo Eyes
Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It
Blind Sublime
My Last Two Weeks
I've Got A Miniature Secret Camera
Funtime (Cabaret Mix)

From the Album Should The World Fail To Fall Apart (1986)
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Should The World Fail To Fall Apart
Canvas Beauty
The Light Pours Out Of Me
Should The World Fail To Fall Apart
Never Man
God Sends
Blue Heart
The Answer Is Clear
Final Solution

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Big Love Of A Tiny Fool
Cool Cool Breeze
Tale Of The Tongue

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