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Dr. Dog Lyrics

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From the Album B-Room (2013)
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The Truth
Broken Heart
Minding The Usher
Distant Light
Too Weak To Ramble
Long Way Down
Rock & Roll

From the Album Be The Void (2012)
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That Old Black Hole
These Days
How Long Must I Wait
Get Away
Do The Trick
Heavy Light
Big Girl
Over Here, Over There
Warrior Man
Turning The Century

From the Album Shame, Shame (2010)
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Shadow People
Unbearable Why
Where'd All The Time Go?
I Only Wear Blue
Mirror, Mirror
Jackie Wants A Black Eye
Shame, Shame
It (iTunes Bonus Track)
What a Strange Day (iTunes Bonus Track)
Oh Man (iTunes Bonus Track)
Take Me Into Town (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album Fate (2008)
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The Breeze
Hang On
The Old Days
Army Of Ancients
The Rabbit, The Bat, And The Reindeer
The Ark
100 Years
Uncovering The Old
The Beach
Drop Me Off

From the Album Passed Away, Vol. 1 (2008)
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Oh Me Oh My
Going Home
The Man Who Was Wrong
I'm Standing In The Light
A Long Time Ago
Oh My God
Me And My Girl
Eyesing The Blues
Little Bird

From the Album We All Belong (2007)
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Old News
My Old Ways
Keep A Friend
The Girl
Ain't It Strange
Worst Trip
The Way The Lazy Do
Die Die Die
We All Belong
I Hope There's Love

From the Album Takers And Leavers (2006)
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Ain't It Strange
I've Just Got To Tell You
Die Die Die
Livin' A Dream

From the Album Easy Beat (2005)
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The World May Never Know
The Pretender
Oh No
Easy Beat
Dutchman Falls
Fool's Life
Say Something
Wake Up

From the Album Toothbrush (2002)
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I Can't Fly
Mystery To Me
Say Ahhh
Jealous Man
The ABCs
County Line

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