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Lucero Lyrics

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From the Album Woman & Work (2012)
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Downtown (intro)
Women & Work
It May Be Too Late
When I Was Young

From the Album 1372 Overton Park (2009)
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What Are You Willing To Lose?
Sounds Of The City
Can't Feel A Thing
The Devil And Maggie Chascarillo
Sixes And Sevens
Goodbye Again
Johnny Davis
Darken My Door
Halfway Wrong
Hey Darlin', Do You Gamble?

From the Album Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers (2006)
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What Else Would You Have Me Be?
I Don't Wanna Be The One
San Francisco
I Can Get Us Out Of Here
Nineteen Seventy Nine
The Mountain
Sing Me No Hymns
The Weight Of Guilt
She's Just That Kind Of Girl
On The Way Back Home
She Wakes When She Dreams

From the Album Nobody's Darlings (2005)
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Watch It Burn
Nobody's Darlings
And We Fell
Noon As Dark As Midnight
Hold Me Close
Last Night In Town
All The Same To Me
The War

From the Album That Much Further West (2003)
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That Much Further West
Mine Tonight
Sad And Lonely
Across The River
The Only One
Hate And Jealousy
Joining The Army
Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good
Tears Don't Matter Much
Coming Home
When You Decided To Leave

From the Album Tennessee (2002)
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Sweet Little Thing
Slow Dancing
Nights Like These
Ain't So Lonely
Old Sad Songs
Chain Link Fence
Fistful Of Tears
The Last Song
When You're Gone
I'll Just Fall
Here At The Starlite
Darby's Song
Into Your Eyes

From the Album Lucero (2001)
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Little Silver Heart
My Best Girl
Wandering Star
A Dangerous Thing
Drink 'Till We're Gone
Raising Hell
Banks Of The Arkansas
All Sewn Up
Hold Fast
Better Than This
All These Love Songs
No Roses No More
It Gets The Worst At Night

Other Songs:
Crystal Blue
Hearts On Fire
In Lonesome Times
Kiss The Bottle

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