The Lowz - Pull Em Down Lyrics

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The Lowz Lyrics

Pull Em Down Lyrics

[Too Much:]
She hit me up, talkin bout her man trippin
Told me to come over so we can handle business
Every week is the same, talkin bout she need me
She wants Too Much, does that make her greedy
I gets freaky, tell me if you with it
I knock it out the park, all you gotta do is pitch it
I lick it, I stick it, have you reachin for the ceilin
Just pull your panties down so we can get with it

[Yung Bam:]
Wassup lil mama, let me holler at you
You already know what I'm tryna do
I'm tryna screw, you and your crew
Only if that's alright with you
Cause I ain't no rapist
Said you a freak, okay let's tape it
Don't run from me, baby take it
Don't stop now, you already naked, ha

Pull my panties down
Pull my panties down
Pull my panties down
Pull my panties down

It's your boy L'z, fly as hell
Pull a bitch quick, have her really lickin my shit
She a bitch, she a hoe, I ain't feelin her though
Naw ma, I ain't a rookie, I done did it before
Pulled ma to the back, she gave me brain on the low
Had her legs wide open with her face on the flo'
Called a day later, she was beggin for mo'
But I don't want you, bitch I'm chasin the dough

It's hot boy K, where the hoes at, I'm snatchin
Takin all hoes, ain't a single thing I'm passin
L'z bring the 'trone and I'm gone off the satin
Catch mommy all alone, then the boy smashin
Ain't scared of pussy and I never ever have been
Got a lot of swag, yeah the boy stay stackin
So, cause I got bread, don't start askin
Take them panties off and let's make the shit happen


[Too Much:]
I'm a dog, now watch how I handle that cat
Pullin on your lace front as I'm hittin it from the back
Beatin up them cheeks to some pretty ricky
From the outside of this room, bet it sound like this beat

[Yung Bam:]
I'm a big dick swanger, the pussy strangler
Hit it real good, I didn't know she was a singer
Pull your panties down and meet me under the sheets
I'm a freak too, I ain't scared to eat

Came across another braud, thick lil light bitch
Here ma, gone put your aim in my sidekick
Don't trip on drink, cause we got a lot of that
All you gotta do ma is tell me where yo spot at

Moved to the next bitch, she was kind of quiet
She was a freak lowkey, she could'nthide it
Put the liquor in her system, no more silence
Hopped on the dick real quick, and start ridin


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