The Lowz - Book Bag Lyrics

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The Lowz Lyrics

Book Bag Lyrics

[Too Much:]
School's in session for you freshman tryna step to me
Can't A B C D E F with me, so back up like 2nd stream
My weaponry is impeccable, such a smoothe criminal
Tutoring these young students with Yung Bam at the institute
Of hard knock, never drop out, I'm like a hard top
My appeal is spotless and, your a bald spot
Dog stop, cause I'll crush anything in arms reach
I'm hard as concrete, could'nttouch me if you massaged me

[Yung Bam:]
Everybody on campus call me the fresh kid
Fly nigga, in back of the classroom textin
The best, you will never see me dressed in nothin less than
I'm the nigga yellin in the hall while niggas testin
I stay high like a smart kid grade point average
It's just a habbit, I'm a got damn savage
And I stand out like a punchline
Shake a couple hands, and I'm out of here at lunch time

Heavy backpack with no books in it, don't look in it (why)
You will see nothin but hooks in it
Verses, beats, this is my lab
So please don't ask what's in my book bag
So please don't ask what's in my book bag
So please don't ask what's in my book bag

[Yung Bam:]
You can find me where the block at
Walkin down the street with a bounce and a 5 dollar compas
Seen a cutie with a booty and a gucci purse
Walked up, opened my book bag and spit a verse
I'm a goofy nigga, and I rep Lowz
Niggas mad cause me and Too Much takin they hoes
I'm comin up, when will I stop, nobody knows
I got a swag like papa doc, before he froze

[Too Much:]
Floodin up the hallways, yeah we straight mobbin
Me and my squadrain, skinny nigga but I gets it poppin
Forever gone be slim, middle finger to the gym
Only time I exercise is when I'm pickin out stems
As I roll up a swisher, no seeds no timber
Wash it down with liquor, make me spit sicker
Yo Bam, what's for dinner
Another whack rapper
I just unzip my backpack and get at ya


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