The Lowz - Better Cuff Her Lyrics

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The Lowz Lyrics

Better Cuff Her Lyrics

[Too Much:]
If that's your girl, better watch her
Actin like she ain't into me, give her an oscar
You take her out on dates, but I'm her midnite lover
You'll think we was detectives how we always under cover
Now she my chick, you can't have her back
She got my name tattoo'd on her kitty kat
She got a ipod, she listen to my tracks
She said her favorite song, is where them niggas at
Man, I can't help it if I'm fly
I could write my own name in the sky
When thought crosses her mind that she's mine
She wanna get up and dance, like she watchin Rize
To her surprise
She is nothin more than the chick on the side
She don't mind, as long as I'm in her world
Now on to the next nigga girl

She fine, no lie, I want her, to be mines
That's yo main, that's yo dame,
Oh she cute, what's her name
You better cuff her, if you love her
If you love her, better cuff her
Better cuff her, if you love her
If you love her, you better cuff her

[Yung Bam:]
All I gotta say
If your girl don't like me, the bitch must be gay
One wink at your girl, now your girl is mine
She was blowin up the cell while I was writin this rhyme
Damn, is that your girl, if it is, better cuff her
But don't be surprised if them Pluto niggas fuck her
I just grinned at her, I ain't said a word yet
Now she in my backseat, and I got her panties wet
Man, I hate when a nigga be flossin his girl
Then later on, he cryin because she left his world
For a nigga like me, she just wanna try a G
She see me and turn at you, now she throwin up the piece
That's just how a nigga do
Take her to the block and introduce her to the crew
I'll take yo bitch homie, that's my word
Don't want your feelins hurt, better cuff your girl


Better watch your girl
This is just a warning
Next time you in the club, you know
You with your fine lil skeeza if yours, man
You turn your back for one second, man
She ain't there, what happen
Or you just be at the supermarket tryna uhh
Ha, tryna get you some milk or somethin
For your kids, or something
You turn around
You thought she was at the cereal isle
But next thing you know
She on the stroll
How that happen, I don't know
Maybe it's The Lowz
Don't be mad
It's our time
It's our time

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