Lowkey - Hear My Soul Speak Lyrics

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Lowkey Lyrics

Hear My Soul Speak Lyrics

I was not born under a rhyming planet,
Just a desperate world, obessed with wealth,
The quest for sales, pressures precious men and girls to reject and disrespect themselves,
When weapons sell to hungry countries only death prevails,
This planet sickens me,
The way man has managed to man handle land and dignity,
Scams of industry, enforced by a savage miltary,
Planning civilly to literally damage visionarys,
Who vanish physically like Aborigines,
You can brandish your cannons, We brandish banished history,
You act as if resistance is ugly,
And Imperialism is lovely,
Mention Colonialism, here in Britain it's touchy,
But your peers can live in luxury off the back of dead countries,
You say it's complicated and the details aren't clear,
But what about the people of Diego Garcia,
Your Majesty's army drove an entire population from their homes,
To make way for an American Military Base,
So in the eyes of humanity, Britain isn't very great,
Diego Garcia, the same Military Base the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan were launched from,
Everyday more bombs are bought from BAE Systems, and if that's right, then tell me, what do you call wrong?
If the Balfour Declaration is remembered from Tel Aviv to Gaza then,
Why is it not remembered where it was signed? In the Houses of Parliament,
Like the freedom cried from Steve Biko's eyes,
People tried to read inbetween my lines,
But my message clear if you heed it right,
Bad things will always happen when you attempt to play God with other people's lives,
I refuse to co-sign your evil crimes,
In fact I reject your feeble lies,
That kept my people blind,
Saying "nothing can change, so why even try? "
Because humanity is something we should bleed and die to keep alive,
They fear those who weep, because the tears are so deep,
A guilty conscious won't sleep, It lives in fear with no peace,
So it's not just words when your hearing Lowkey,
When you listen to me you can hear my soul speak.

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