Lowkey - Fuck You Lyrics

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Lowkey Lyrics

Fuck You Lyrics

FUCK YOU, Oooh Fuck you Fuck you Fuuuck you Fuck you
Fa fa fafa fa fa Fuck you Fuck you

Yeah I know Lowkey
He just act like he don't know me
I swear that boy's so phony
Yeah his college I used to go there
I helped him shot CDs, we sold bare
If it wasn't for me he'd be nowhere
Always said that he would blow
I helped him tighten up his flow
In fact I tought him everything he knows

That's somethin' I bet he won't admit
His mixtape paid back but how old is it
Cause I don't buy CD's I downloaded it
I tried to ring he's phone, but left it to ring
I know bare rappers are better than him
In ten years no-ones gonna be remembering him
Why does he try to chat for lyrical shit
When that kid's an ignorant prick
Sometimes I wish he didn't exist

{Yeah? Listen}
We don't know each other so stop breadin' it
How d'you get my number, stop teling it
Cause your opinion is not relevant

The fact is you just chat shit
Downloaders don't deserve have this
Probably haven't even got the right tracklist

You never be given respect
You're wrong if you thinking I'm vexed
Everytime you look in the mirror it says

You know what they say man, the truth hurts
Especially for you I wrote a new verse
But you ain't worth it so I just wrote two words

Why are you so bitter cause your a has been
Go back to your wack scene
When I divert your phone call that means

If you ain't got it yet, then you'r a bit slow
I spread love, but you just want a bitch so...
Are you just mad just cause your chick won't... fuck you

Or is it because I'm doing things that your where never able
You think bringing me down will elevate you
You might be signed but we know your record label

Hate me if you want, I don't give a fuck
I'm still here with my finger up
Blod, I ain't a RNB Singer but...
Faa faa fuck you...

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