Lowkey - A Million And One Lyrics

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Lowkey Lyrics

A Million And One Lyrics

Yeah. It's lowkey.
For all my people that wanna make a million pound. yeah
A million
Blud trust me, this time next year.
We will be millionaires

There's a million ways to make a million chips
Just ask william gates or william smith
Does the Freshest Prince to the thrown, really exist?
The king's filling the Kingdom with silliness and hate
Listen mate, let me illustrate this rap shit is here to stay
Still many imitate, you couldn't take me out
With a chopper and army missiles
I see myself as a shopper at Harvey Nichols
With lots of dough but not from chatting to garage
Just to pop across the road and buy a jacket from Harrods
Too many MCs and rappers are average

I'm one in a mill, blessed with nothing but skill
I'm talkin' doe, like homer simpson picture me
Rolling in a chauffeur driven limousine
Owning boats from the coast of Britain to the Philippines
In a versacci suit only stopped to strap a huge bob marley zoo
Rum made by malibu, plus bacardi too
Still the type to rock shows still with microsoft doe
Surfed the net and invest in stocks
With enough money and power to arrest all the bent feds and cops
So when I walk in stores and try shit on
They never mention cost
No one said London city was fair
I aim to be a fuckin millionaire
Fuck these idiot brehs
I aim to start companies and employ my peoples
Satan can't fuck with me I'm here to destroy the evils
Fire arms, crack and poison needles
And the street's unthinkable tortures
Don't spit a bar, relaxin' at home cinema
Sippin mineral water, money stacks counting and analyzing
But the fact is right now I'm fantasizing

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