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Linda Eder Lyrics

Storybook Lyrics

Listen to me I have beautiful dreams I can spin you
Dreams to linger within you
Close your eyes and we'll ride my carousel.
I'll sing you stories of
Lovers whose love used
To fill me.
And the lovers who will be.
For you see love is one thing I do well.
Come let's believe love can be just as sweet as it seems.
Let's live on dreams...

In my dreams such beautiful lovers have found me.
Story book lovers surround me.
Nothing is real but I'm flying
Sighing: Where where where is my story book
Why does my golden pretending
Leave me with nothing to hold...but
My dreams?

Oh is it only in dreams that we find out ideal love?
Are there lovers with real love?
If you know how to feel love show me how.
Ah but my prince if you can't be as sweet as you seem
I'd rather dream!

Come and wake me! Come be the love I can hold now.
Storybook love leaves me cold now.
Show me the way to stop dreaming!
There is only one perfect story book ending.
That is the end of pretending.
That is the moment I say: Love me now!

Et sur mon manege l'amour toujours est chantant.
Des mes reves c'est le commencement
Et j'espere une fine heureuse.
Mais la fin de l'histoire ne vient pas tres doucement
Pour l'histoire il faut faire semblant.
Certes je n'embrasse que mes reves seuls mes reves!

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