Linda Eder - Prayer For Love Lyrics

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Linda Eder Lyrics

Prayer For Love Lyrics

Been down this road before
All of the signs they look the same
But something has changed this time
And i can't put my finger on it

Maybe i missed a turn
Or maybe i finally found my way
Something inside of me
Tells me i might not be ready for this

Out on a ledge
About to fall head first
Into something so deep i just might drown
Close my eyes and hold my breath
Say a prayer for love
Take a chance when marks says go
Give my all that's all i know
Do my best
Believe it will be good enough
This is my prayer for love

Been flying high so long
It feels so good to finally see
The picture was so unclear
But i just put my finger on it
Life is a crazy game
But somehow they always change the rules
But no matter how i play were gonna lose all the same
I was born to do this


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