Linda Eder - No Finer Man Lyrics

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Linda Eder Lyrics

No Finer Man Lyrics

If I could wander through the sands of time
Where would I ever find a man like this?
No man's like this

No finer man will ever live
A man who has so much to give
So much to share, who's always there
To light my way through every day

He has a soul to make the angels sing
His courage, warmth and grace melt winter into spring
He weaves a magic spell
No man can ride life's carousel
Or turn life's tide one half as well

A man who dedicates each day
To righting wrongs he loves to right
To fighting dragons that he lives to fight
And turning darkness into light

No finer man will ever walk the earth
No man here should dare to judge him or assess his worth
A man so far beyond compare
That I thank God that he is there

In time to come as I look back on life
I know I'll know no man with his attack on life
This man I've loved since life began
He stands alone and I have known no finer man

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