Linda Eder - Good Bye Lyrics

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Linda Eder Lyrics

Good Bye Lyrics

Maybe if there had been some moonlight
Or now and then a shooting star
Perhaps a violin or two, although it's true
I always said, "No strings, dear"

Maybe a summer afternoon
Might warm up our frosty repertoire
But as the snow begins to fly for you and I
There's only one thing to say here

Good bye and lose my number
Why encumber love that's left behind?
Good bye though it's been real love
When I feel love you're not on my mind

Although we swore our hearts forever
Forever's such a long, long time
And all good things come to an end
And so my friend, let me be perfectly clear here

Good bye and where's my key, dear?
You and me, dear, cannot be restored
Oh, good bye, it's time to go now, Romeo
Now Juliet is bored, oh, so bored

Though it was fun, we both know
It was one of those rides that never could last
Right from helloing
The damn thing was going too fast

Good bye to self-deceiving, make-believing
We still share a spark
Good bye to hopeless hoping, endless coping
Groping in the dark

It's good bye, quits, good bye
It's good bye, good bye

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