Ligeia - Household Stereotypes Lyrics

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Ligeia Lyrics

Household Stereotypes Lyrics

Denial is passion for the weak-minded fool that insulates reality.
A far call for hallucinations and household stereotypes.
This one rocks them all.
This is when angels fail.
Slice the lips and never kiss again.
Watch the tides take me away.
If only Jesus could repay.
If only revenge was sacred.
Still I won't sulk in silent strife.
I'm not your saint.
Still I'll slice your lips every night just to taste your blood.
To forget fade your eyelids shut.
Nail your hands to the cross with love.
I will have your end tonight, I will finally win.
You won't forget me, not after this.
I'm here to make you pay.
Without a soul I take your life forever.
Hollowed-bodied skin textured vacuum of innocence.
I couldn't stop her from killing herself.
Every time that I see her face it takes me away.
Every time that I open my eyes I see her crying, I see her dying.

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