Liam Frost - Try Try Try Lyrics

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Liam Frost Lyrics

Try Try Try Lyrics

My father's ghost behind us
And my brother's further south
We took the early evening bus
Back to my Mother's house
Honey, you can take my bed
I'll stay here on the couch
These winter leaves will blanket all our doubts

Ooh-ooh ooh-ooh, ohh-ooh ahh-ahh

I know your heart is heavy
With the weight of all of this
Take a hit here from my flask, baby
We'll drown out every bit
It used to be so easy
Oh we know this much is true
Now this fucking mess we're in
What could I do?

The glimmering neon lights on glistened streets that gather in dark
The slow and stiltered stillness of my ever drifting heart
Well darling, if you'd only stay I promise that I'd stop
You're burning down each bridge, each bridge I wish to cross

If we try, try, try
Your bruised and blackened eyes will come alive and light again

So you push and you shove
And it all goes unseen
Yeah, you're fighting off a landslide
Slowly rushing to the sea
And you're tied to a brick
With cement stuck in your shoes
My floundered fishing boat has sank
And I'm reaching for the shore, and you...

If you could only give me time
Maybe ease my spinning head
There's these things I'm trying to deal with
Probably better left unsaid
Oh just come sit here by me, baby
Let the smoke clear all around
On the trail we left behind us
Burying secrets in the ground
And singing oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...

Love is the soil unsettled by these stories as you leave
It's the nagging sense of infancy, pulling at your sleeve
It's the ghostly voice blowing through the window
Breathless in the blue
Oh, love is the only certainty
And it's here in front of you

Ooh-ooh ooh-ooh, ohh-ooh ahh-ahh

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